This Is Us

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Be The Match saved our son’s life. This is our journey through childhood cancer.

In 2016 a doctor told us that our then 2 year old son had cancer and that it had spread throughout his entire body. For a whole month we watched cancer take our son to the brink of death as we desperately waited for a diagnosis. Doctor’s gave Cj a 5% chance of living with little to no hope that treatment would even work. We were determined to give Cj the best fighting chance possible so we began searching the world for a hospital that could save our only child. That’s when we packed our bags and traveled 500 miles to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN.

Within the first week they had saved Cj’s life by discovering that he had been misdiagnosed and truly had a rare and aggressive blood cancer called Acute Megakaryoblastic Leukemia (AML M7). Cj had been within hours of starting treatment for the wrong kind of cancer at his home hospital but luckily made it to St Jude just in time. After a roller coaster 2 years of intense treatment that included 4 rounds of intense chemo, 14 sessions of radiation, a life saving bone marrow transplant, 6 rounds of maintenance chemo, and 7 rounds of donor lymphocyte infusions, he is currently cancer free!!

Now after living through the horrors of childhood cancer and understanding the lack of resources that are dedicated towards a cure and effective treatment, we have made it our mission to help end childhood cancer for the kids that have passed, the kids that are fighting, and the kids that will fight in the future! Please like our page to follow updates on Cj and to get info on how you can join us in the fight against childhood cancer!