This Is Us

My name is Tabitha and the love of my life is Carlos. We have grown together for the past 11 years and I couldn’t imagine my life without him by my side. In December 2013, we welcomed our baby CJ into our lives. He has made our love stronger and continues to show us the meaning of true happiness everyday. In October of 2016, we were given the news that no parent should ever have to hear:

“Your son has cancer.”

Those four words quickly changed our lives forever. Cj was diagnosed with Acute Megakaryoblastic Leukemia which is a rare type of AML. So Carlos and I put our lives on hold and headed 530 miles away to Memphis, TN where Cj underwent treatment at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Cj’s only chance at survival was to undergo a bone marrow transplant which took place in March 2017. ┬áHe is currently 2 years cancer free!

When Cj was first diagnosed we frantically searched the internet to gain as much insight as possible on AMKL (AML M7). We found little to nothing. This blog is here to raise awareness and let other M7 families know that they’re not alone. This is Cj’s story…